101 Custom Kitchen Designs With Islands


A stunning minimalist kitchen with a mixture of white glossy synthetic countertops and natural wood with a striking woodgrain. The countertops are layered to look as though they weren't originally together. The white and wood of this kitchen is accented by the chrome legs of the island and of the other fixtures.

A small eat-in kitchen with rich cherry wood cabinets and stainless steel appliances. The green-gray granite countertops almost glow when lit up by the under-cabinet lighting. The small kitchen island plays host to two modern-style barstools with metallic backs.

A country kitchen with a two-tiered kitchen island with seating for three. The large iron light fixture above the island also holds pots, woven baskets, and dried herbs. The granite of the island contrasts with the clean, sleek tile of the white countertops.

A kitchen with a small preparation area on the island across from the stove and oven. On either side of the cooking area is a stone wall. The countertops are a light beige granite that complements the tile backsplash. The entryway and stairs up to the second floor are just around the corner from the small open-concept kitchen.

A small kitchen with a two-tier island and bead board accents on the cabinet. A door on the right wall leads out to the backyard. The walls and ceiling are covered in a subtle print. Foliage on yellow for the walls, dots on white on the ceiling.


A small kitchen in white with contrasting dark wood stools at the eat-in kitchen island. The backsplash is a very trendy white subway tile, and the white refrigerator is covered with faux cabinetry.


A modern kitchen with frosted-glass cabinetry and shelving on the side of the room and behind the main preparation area. The cooktop is in the kitchen island, leaving more countertop space for preparation.


A luxurious and modestly-sized kitchen with a lower level of the island for dining. The kitchen island has the majority of the preparation space in this kitchen, with only landing spaces on either side of the stove and a small counter to the right of the ovens.


A modern and minimalist kitchen in white with a built in wine rack and cooler into the lower cabinetry. The island is a rich wood that contrasts beautifully with the rest of the white or ivory kitchen.


A smaller country kitchen with bronzed fixtures and faucet and an antique rotary telephone on the wall to the right. The refrigerator is covered to match the cabinetry, with only the ice and water dispenser to out it.