101 Custom Kitchen Designs With Islands

An entire kitchen and dining room in pristine white. The kitchen is divided into two halves by the center wall, with a dining set on either side.

A lovely small kitchen with high-end appliances and a mixture of white and wood cabinetry. The backsplash is in a soft, baby blue with peacock accents on the countertop.


An angled kitchen with a vertical and horizontal glass tile backsplash and an angular island with white countertops.


A contemporary kitchen in white and cream with a bold striped backsplash. The details on the cabinetry and island really add charm.


A luxurious white kitchen with chrome accents and a lengthy island in white marble with black veining. The trio of metallic orange light fixtures add a bold pop of color to the kitchen.


A bright, yet small kitchen with brick accents on one wall of the curved kitchen. The white cabinetry is lightly distressed for a country-style.


A white kitchen with glass-tile backsplash and hardwood flooring. A small kitchen island has chairs that match those of the dining set just behind them.


A beautiful, elegant kitchen with accents of olive green and a diamond-patterned backsplash. The multi-tonal stone tile floor adds simple, easy-to-care for elegance to the space.


A contemporary, open kitchen with peek-a-boo windows throughout the space. The combination of textured tile on the walls and the varying wood grain of the cabinetry make for a visually interesting room.


A white kitchen with olive-green tile backsplash and an ornate dark-wood floor. The top wall cabinets are backlit and used for display.