11 Awesome Storage Ideas For Small Bedrooms

A bedroom is the most sacred, personal haven in your home. It is your comfort zone, a sanctuary where you retreat to unwind with your thoughts, away from the prying eyes of the world. There is an inherent need to mark this personal space, however small or big, with a unique stamp that is utterly yours. Wouldn’t you love it then, that your bedroom reflects a clean and uncluttered part of you?

While big is beautiful, a small bedroom has so much hidden potential to explore. Storage can undoubtedly be a challenge in small spaces, but it can act as an incentive to get creative. Here are a few storage ideas for small bedrooms that can help get your little space neatly organized to your liking.

1) Out of the Closet

A closet is the most natural and handy place for storage purposes in a bedroom. By all means, maximize it by adding extra shelves or draws to house more of your wardrobe. But given the space constraints, the best approach is to think out of the box, or in this case out of the closet. It becomes an even bigger necessity when your bedroom has no closet.

You can promptly go vertical with a wrought iron garment rack lining the wall, or a tall and slim bookstand turned into a shoe rack in the corner of your bedroom. If casual is your style, you can add a few random shelves on the wall to hold books, hooks to hold a long rod as a functional clothes hanger, or patterned wall cupboards to store a few of your precious things.

2) Under the Bed

When you have stepped out the closet for storage ideas, you have the luxury of using up the rest of the space, like the one under your comfy bed. Putting stuff under your bed might not be a valid Feng Shui move but is one of the smartest storage ideas when there is a serious dearth of space.

A storage bed with a built-in area is a quick-fire solution, but you can also add in a few storage containers beneath your bed and cover it all up with a decorative bed skirt. It is amazing the sheer quantity you can place under a bed and with such ease.

3) Over your Head

Look above; you will be surprised at the kind of space you can utilize for storage purposes. High storage is not only functional but can also be made to look classy and decorative. You can add shelves running along the length of the room for extra space. These are good for storing things you don’t use every day.

Cabinets fitted along the upper walls make great storage spaces for large items that you only use once in a while. Bulky sweaters during summers, for example, can be stored atop. These are handy storage ideas to keep the little room uncluttered.

4) Inside the Drawers

Sliding drawers, drawer dividers, and dresser drawers are greatest boons for organizing your things neatly in compartments. Platform beds with pullout drawers are also a great idea for maximizing your storage space. You can consider investing in drawer organizers to sort out the little things that have the potential to create a big mess if left unsorted. A few drawers can make your life easy and save time.

5) Into Double Duty Furniture

When you don’t have space to fit the traditional furniture, get creative and order a custom made one to fit into the spot you have available in your small bedroom. Double it up for multiple usages like turning a chest of drawers into a handy tabletop to work on or a nightstand that stores little knick-knacks you need for daily use.

When you put your mind to it, size really doesn’t matter. There are some nifty tricks you can pull to utilize the limited space available in your bedroom. Take up a few of these storage ideas for small bedrooms, add your own little twist and style, and make them work for your beloved bedroom.