14 Examples of Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Small bathroom decorating ideas are essential to people who are remodeling or installing a new bathroom. Decorating does not change the blueprint of a bathroom; however, it allows you to “expand” space, making the room more efficient, attractive and elegant. This article will provide insight on how to decorate a bathroom.

Color and Light

When decorating your bathroom, color and light should be the first factors to be considered. All spaces in a house, from living rooms to bathrooms seem larger when they are lighter and brighter. Therefore, make sure you take full advantage of this fact by optimizing all on the natural light present in your small bathroom. Keep the windowsills free of anything that would obstruct entry of sunlight into the room, and ensure all your shades or curtains are translucent. In addition to this, as you choose a color scheme or paint colors to decorate the space, focus on livelier and lighter hues.

Lighting plays an important role in creating an illusion of more space in small bathrooms. When strategically deployed, decorative and task lighting can greatly open up the room. The shower and sink areas can be illuminated with task lights while space above and below cabinets are decoratively illuminated. Doing this will go a long way to creating height and depth in the small space.

Stylistic Approach

The choice of your overall stylistic approach can greatly expand or contract your bathroom space. Any style will work with a small bathroom. When space is at a minimum, country, rustic and traditional styles will work better than modern and contemporary styles as they feature more décor and adornment than the latter, which are more streamlined and sleek. A pedestal sink is a great example of a space-saving fixture, which can work in an updated design. It is an efficient space saver that is superb with simple and straightforward styles.

Surface Patterns

Another way you can add depth and height to your bathroom is by making use of surface patterns. Consider putting up wallpaper and breadboard with vertical stripes, this will create a sense of height. Additionally, tile work on the walls can be placed perpendicular to the flooring to add depth to space. For the best results in wall tile work, add continuous and unbroken horizontal line designs that will make one feel like space is moving with him everywhere he looks. When it comes to flooring, tiles or hardwood floors that run the entire length of space are perfect to make the bathroom seem longer.

All homeowners know that designing and decorating small bathrooms can be a challenging affair. However, with the perfect combination of surfaces, fixtures, lighting, and decor, you can create an illusion of a larger and more attractive space. Most people prefer bathrooms that have been significantly expanded in size. With many older homes featuring smaller bathrooms, and newer constructions comprising of half baths, these decorating tricks can go a long way into creating the illusion of a greater amount of space in your small bathroom.