14 Kitchen Makeover Ideas

Kitchen renovations are usually among the priciest home-improvement projects of all time. Nevertheless, it is absolutely possible to give an old kitchen a whole new fresh look without necessarily breaking the bank. Basically, cabinet hardware can be altered and walls painted in order to refresh the overall appearance of the kitchen.

You may choose to upgrade your cabinets along with the appliances encompassing an identical footprint. This will be ostensibly worthwhile when it comes to saving the cost as well as the hassle of having to move electrical and plumbing lines. In the event that a full-blown kitchen renovation is beyond your reach in terms of budget; here are some simple and manageable Kitchen makeover ideas that will breathe new life into any kitchen no matter the size or age.


It’s easy to give an old kitchen floor new and fresh life. You can simply resurface and refinish your existing wood floor and utilize a different color in staining it, or include stenciled borders at an affordable cost. You can skillfully polish your stone flooring to induce its original and appealing luster.

If your floor is rather flat, it’s easy to cover wood or linoleum with a coat flooring primer and stain. In some cases, experts in this specialty recommend that you utilize the ideal layer of stick down vinyl tiles (the sheet flooring can also work) to cover your floor. The cost may range from $200 for paint and $500 for vinyl.


Sturdy and high-quality wood cabinets are apparently worth saving. It’s imperative to change the hardware in order to adjust the look of your kitchen. Replacing pulls, knobs, and hinges may be ideal. Similarly, ensure that the new hardware complements your existing hole positions for a flawless match.

For the cabinets, a decent coat of paint brightens up the entire room. You can send your metal cabinets to an auto-body shop for a long-lasting refinishing. A skillful paint job that’s accomplished by qualified professionals may cost as low as $35 per linear foot, yet you can be sure to get a perfect job.

You can equally replace the doors. It’s easy to change the panels on the cabinet doors. The decorative filler panel options may comprise a metal (etched, clear, patterned, stained, and tinted) and glass (punched, stainless steel, or patterned tin). Just incorporate the use of a router in cutting away your previous or existing panel prior to routing a rim on the back of your door to clamp your new panel.

In addition, you’re advised to add moldings. Apparently, wood moldings along with trim can add exceptional character to your plain cabinet fronts. For homeowners with old cabinets that don’t touch the ceiling, it would be prudent to integrate a soffit or crown molding around the top to achieve more elegance. This may cost around $15 per linear foot.


For appliances that need outright rejuvenation, choices may comprise the following:

Some dishwashers and refrigerators are usually designed with frames that hold face panels. The cost of replacement panels ranges from $100 to $800. However, it all depends on the material used in addition to the overall size the appliance in question boasts.

In case the appliance lacks a frame, the panel kits like handles, frames and panels can be simply custom-ordered to suit whichever make or model of the supposed appliance. The materials typically vary and the cost can range from $175 to $1,000 per every single appliance. You can similarly order the replacements for your worn-out glass Cook-tops, stove knobs, and burner plates directly from the manufacturer

Investing in kitchen renovation boasts a huge impact to the overall appearance of your kitchen. You can just invest in one exceptional feature—such as a pro-grade range, a granite counter-top, or vintage appliances—then see how your kitchen appears. A seamless cosmetic upgrade increases the value of a property. Consequently, if your kitchen requires an urgent upgrade, this article proves handy when it comes to guiding you toward simple-yet-affordable upgrades.