15 Bathroom Ideas While On A Budget

If you are planning on redesigning and redecorating your bathroom, chances are that you are not ready to splash $20,000 and turn it into a deluxe spa retreat. To transform your bathroom, you do not need mega-bucks. There are numerous ways to redesign and renovate on a small budget.

According to the Remodeling Magazine’s -Cost vs. Value Import, the average cost of remodeling a bathroom goes for between $10,500 while an upscale bathroom remodelling can go as high as $26,000. Nonetheless, if you do the work yourself and get imaginative, the costs can run from between $1,000 and $3,000, or even lesser, depending on what you intend to alter.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the economical bathroom remodeling ideas. They include:


If you do not have a lot of funds at your disposal to spend, then painting will be your cheapest and perhaps the most effective way to give your bathroom a completely new look. When painting, make sure that you do it slowly and carefully. Mildew and mold can develop easily because of the moisture in the bathroom, so make sure that you invest in a high-quality paint with a satin-finish. Alternatively, you can purchase a special bathroom paint that can resist mold growth.

Save on Counter Tops

Splurging on granite countertops is one of the most popular trends today. This is because the bathroom is small in size and, therefore, the investment is low. To save this costs no matter how low they are, choose a wider swath of colors instead of the neutral colors that are more popular and expensive.

You can also purchase a slab that has imperfections as they are cheap. When doing this always keep in mind that the sink basin will cover the majority of the surface area and, therefore, the imperfection that is located where the faucets or sink will be, will be hidden away.

Limit Your Tile

Tile gets expensive, particularly when you hire a worker to do the repairs. If you want to save money, limit the amount of tile and concentrate to the high-impact areas such as the floor, (instead of inside the shower stall walls and the floor). You can also tile one horizontal strip along the wall and then paint the rest.

Freshen Grout and Caulk

This is another ignored, yet important part of the bathroom. When it gets dirty, it becomes unattractive. You can easily add the sparkle for a few dollars in your bathroom through the cleaning of the grout and the addition of straight, clean lines of caulk around the sink and the tub. Caulk and grout are both affordable, so this is a very cheap way to revive your bathroom.

Redo, Don’t Purchase New

Changing your old shower or old tub is a big cost to you. To save money, have it skillfully relined, as this is way much cheaper than replacing it. However, do not try this with shower and sink fixtures as they cost more to refinish them than to change them.

It’s critical to determine how much you are willing to spend on the renovation of the bathroom before you begin. Renovating your bathroom alone adds value to your home property value. Therefore, you will be able to recover a significant portion of expenses when you decide to sell your home.

Now while keeping all that in mind, check out our gallery of bathroom designs that can help you get inspiration for putting together your own bathroom while on a budget