15 Country Living Room Ideas

Living rooms are full of character. You can reflect your mood by choosing to decorate the room in a certain way. It could be cozy and inviting or rough and tough depending on the message that you want it to convey. Let us look at some country living room ideas that you can use to transform your family room.


Some important elements of a rustic country family room are fireplaces, antique furniture with clear signs of rework and painting and a few art pieces that can be hung. A rustic fire place covered by a wood paneling can set the perfect ambience in this room. Windows in the room can bring in the much needed natural light. Nothing can beat it, if you can get hold of a painting, preferably from a local flea market which can truly reflect the locality at its best. You can also use other items like iron chandeliers, wood and grove paneling and curtains to enhance the country theme. You could innovate a little by using bleached wood paneling in place of ordinary paint enhancing the rustic vibe further.


You can punch up the cozy cottage feel of your country living room by having casual furniture. Choose furniture that has a certain laid back and a comfort feeling to it. You should concentrate on the paneling in the walls and moldings on the roofs of the room. Throw in some built-in shelves to the mix and you have a perfect cottage style family room. The material and the texture of other items in the room like curtains, pillows and other linen should bring about a light-and-bright feel. You can choose traditional or modern colors to suit your tastes and needs. At the same time, you should choose light neutral colors if you want your furniture to do the talking. A simple idea of filling the fireplace with chopped wood and arranging them in a pattern could lift the tone of the cottage theme a notch higher.


A modern country living room could be a fusion of both traditional and contemporary country living room ideas. Wooden beams and stone flooring could be contrasted beautifully by using smart accents of colors on the walls. Any lime-based color with pink could be of great contrast to dark colored beams and floors. Old casual furniture can also be mixed with oversized modern furniture. In built shelves could be replaced by modern storage furniture painted using old world colors. You could also hang a digitally printed mural offering more details on top of the fireplace. You can create a shine in the room by using strategically placed mirrored and glass surfaces.

These family rooms are always connected with family congregations. Most of the country living room ideas will contain local references including furniture that is weathered over time, countryside patinas, and collectibles that are usually passed on by generations to generations in addition to the items that are available in the local flea markets. Different color palettes can be used to augment the aesthetics of the room be it rustic, continental or modern. By taking these ideas as starting point, you can work towards turning your living room to suit your tastes and lifestyles.