15 Stunning Black and White Kitchens

Kitchens are often the focal point in a home. They are the area that’s usually full of activity, especially in homes with large families. Because of this, kitchen design is a popular area for interior design. There are many design trends, but a timeless one is black and white kitchens. This is a traditional design that has a classic appearance. These ideas can help homeowners put this look together easily.

Balance Lights and Darks

Because white and black are opposites, they can be overpowering if one shade is overused. Balancing this design can be a challenge, but there are a few areas which can help to create this balance. Choose black kitchen cabinets but make the countertops white or a white marble or granite. This is a great combination of shades that works well in almost every space. White walls with black appliances and light fixtures also works well. Black should not dominate the design as it can darken the kitchen significantly.

Use Monochrome Shades

Just because the kitchen is white and black doesn’t mean that shades of gray can’t be used. In a traditional kitchen, add in grey tones to create pleasant mid-tones in the room. In many cases, a charcoal or light gray works well in a kitchen rug. For a kitchen that is open, keep the cabinets white but paint the walls a light grey with white on the trim. This mid-tone creates balance and brings the white and black tones together for a cohesive look. In some spaces, stainless steel appliances can bring balance so consider putting these appliances in the space.

Contemporary Looks

Straight black and white is going to be a timeless classic. However, consider going for a contemporary look by adding in other colors sparingly. One great design element may be red handles on the kitchen stove. Another design trend is using red brick as the backsplash with white ground. The structure of the room is still grounded in the classic black and white tones. However, the small areas of color make the room pop and create a warmer, contemporary look.

Pay Attention to Detail

Pulling off this look means paying attention to every element of the space. One of the most common mistakes made with this look is neglecting doors in or near the kitchen. Make sure to continue the color scheme throughout the entire kitchen for a cohesive affect. Making the entire kitchen fit with the rest of the house may take some time. Plan out the space before making any major changes. Be sure to have fluidity with the design. If the finished space doesn’t fit together, find the problematic area and work specifically on this.

Putting together a black and white kitchen can be more challenging than it first seems. However, this overall look can range from classic to contemporary, appealing to a wide range of homeowners. If it’s time for the kitchen to be remodeled, consider this design trend. These ideas and tips can help to create a cohesive look with black and white shades.

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