16 Gorgeous Red Living Room Ideas

Red is the color of passion and power. It can transform a home into a warm and welcoming abode with just a splash of it here and there. You may also choose to add a sea of vibrancy to the ambiance with a generous splurge of the color in the living room.

Red is one color that cannot be ignored. It adds character to the setting and takes the entire atmosphere several notches higher. Here are a few red living room ideas that can help you accomplish the daring task of incorporating the fiery color into your living room setting.

1) Accentuate with Red

Imagine a living room with pristine white walls, muted color furnishings and wooden furniture. Dull or even serene, perhaps! Now, add dashes of crimson in the form of a red-jacketed collector’s book on the coffee table, a red lamp on the corner stand, or red throw pillows on the cream colored sofa. It is a color that goes well with white, earthy colors, brick features, and wood tones, so go bold and think beautiful with its use. Better yet, add a bright red couch in the center of the living room in an ocean of white, cream, and wood.

2) Red on the Floor

The floor is almost always the last one to consider when decorating. However, it is not something to overlook. At your feet is the place you can spread a stunning tapestry of red to uplift the entire living room. It is one of the most simplistic red living room ideas and is brilliantly subtle yet effective ruse to liven up a living room. Red accent rugs and carpets complement the natural décor of a room.

3) Color the Ceiling Red

You can go literal and paint the ceiling red and embellish it with little dots of patterned white lighting. Or hanging a bright crimson pendant lamp at the center will do the trick. Red ceiling fans are a popular idea too. Red and white almost always go hand in hand as one of the most powerful decorative combinations. It is a wise move to pair the dominant color with those that bring out its vibrancy.

4) Red on the Walls

Brick walls add a classic backdrop to a living room. Painting one of the living room walls a bright red or in any of its lighter shades instantly brightens up the surrounding space. The warm tones of the color have an inviting appeal and are a welcome addition to any living room. A red cabinet set against the wall or a large painting with bold hues of the color is a great way to put a zing into the setting.

5) Frame the Windows Red

When the rest of the décor in the living room is minimalistic and simple, long, flowing red draperies that frame the windows has an arresting effect on the entire setting. You can also consider painting the window frames a flaming red. Subtle shades of the color are as effective as well.

Red living room ideas are dime a dozen but it is up to you how you want to incorporate these tips in a style completely your own. Mix and match with colors that you like surrounding yourself in and come up with a décor that reflects your unique personality.