16 Incredible Custom Kitchen Islands

The kitchen island has had a growing role and place of prominence in the American kitchen over the last two decades. As homeowners and their designers have become more discerning, sophisticated, and, dare we say, demanding regarding interior design, custom kitchen islands have also gained in popularity. In a society expecting personalized service, the custom kitchen island offers just that – personalized design to suit any kitchen need.

Advantages of Custom:

Built for you: Custom kitchen islands are built to measure and are designed to enhance the specific space it will inhabit.

Superior quality: The quality and materials of custom cabinetry is expected to be superior to using stock cabinetry, and they are expected to retain their look and quality for years longer than stock.

Personalized design: Custom cabinets are designed to address your every need and can be designed according to your design style. If you have an extensive collection of cookbooks, a kitchen island can be built with shelves to customize all of your cookbooks down to the inch. If you are a frequent baker, a baking station can be tucked discreetly into your custom kitchen island and include a snazzy, pull-up shelf for your heavy mixer. No need to haul it out of pantry and onto a counter. Simply open the door and pull-up the spring-release shelf to counter height, and press the lock to hold in place!

Going where no other islands go: If you have a narrow galley kitchen just wide enough to host a slim island, a custom kitchen island can accommodate the space while meeting your needs for an island. Custom kitchen islands can be designed to fit into your space and can provide you with vital extra counter and work space.

Design diversity: While some homeowners prefer their cabinets and island to have the same look, color, and design, others prefer to use their island as a design focal point and the kitchen’s “wow factor.” The kitchen island is the perfect place to splurge to create that wow factor. You can concentrate on using pricier materials there without having to install them throughout the entire kitchen. For example, you can utilize the less expensive quartz or composite countertop materials along the perimeter cabinets and then splurge on a much pricier marble on the center island.

The Utilities of Custom:

Add what’s lacking elsewhere: If your perimeter cabinets are lacking storage or countertop space, then your island can make up for it. You can have your custom kitchen island designed to compensate what the rest of your kitchen is lacking.

Seating: The kitchen island is the perfect spot in a kitchen to add seating space for every day function. For decades, kitchens were more isolated from the rest of the house or family space often with a cabinet peninsula jutting out and dividing the kitchen from dining space. The kitchen island instead opens up your kitchen.

Purpose: A kitchen island is one of the most versatile places in your kitchen as you begin designing it. It can host your sink or your stove and hood, or it can simply be more counter top space. Either way, a custom kitchen island provides tremendous versatility only limited by your imagination.

If you’re thinking about building a new kitchen or renovating an old one, use your custom kitchen island as an opportunity to get what you want and need in your new kitchen. A well-designed and custom-built kitchen island will add value and beauty to the rest of your kitchen and home.