17 Examples of Beautiful Living Room Accessories

Living rooms are like your visiting cards that you hand over with a firm handshake. They are introductions to your personality. A warm and welcoming household is one which has a living room that spells comfort and style in the same breath. The right living room accessories can help turn a drab, boring lounge into a sparkling haven of warmth. A little dash of color here and a tapestry there can spruce up a room like no other.

Here are a few nifty ideas to dress up your living room in style. But, before we jump to listing out the perfect living room accessories, it is wise to start by choosing a theme for your living room, one that matches your sense of style. Conceptualize. The rest falls into place of its own accord with this simple start.

  1. Window Dressing and Wall Arts

Gone are the days when walls had little option but to look like blank canvasses and vanilla backdrops. Today, there are options galore to add personality to your walls and windows in the form of vibrant wall arts and window treatments.

You can choose curtains on a budget and opt for crinkle cotton to add a soft glow to let the natural light in or go for sheer panels or silk draperies for window coverings and blinds for window treatments. Accentuate the living room with interesting wall décor ideas with teardrop vases, colored stones, patterned wall photos, and random wall fixtures.

  1. Floor Furnishings and Accents

Put pattern to your floors, add accents to it and let them come alive beneath your feet. Floors add as much personality to the living room as walls and furniture. Wood, concrete, stone, or carpet, choose them to match the rest of the living room décor. The right rug can add a twist to the entire styling of the room. Jute, sisal, and sea grass rugs may be harsh on your bare feet but are a few of the popular options.

  1. Ceilings and Lighting

Perfect lighting is a mood swinger and is an absolute necessity to set the tone of a welcoming household. Little light fixtures on the ceiling add a distinct glow to the setting without being overwhelming. Lamps come in different shapes and sizes and are a perfect addition to the corner tables. From sconces to chandeliers you have the choicest of picks with which to accessorize your living room.

  1. Cushions and Throw Pillows

Snug and cuddly, there is nothing better to add an instant cushiness to a room than a splattering of throw pillows and soft little cushions on a comfy couch. Choose plain ones on colored sofas, or go reverse and choose patterned, vibrant ones to add zing to a plain single-hues couch.

  1. Center pieces and Knick-Knacks

Choose centerpieces with care as they tend to grab a visitor’s attention the most. A beautifully crafted vase of flowers or a ceramic display complements the texture of a room. Centrally placed candles of different sizes add aroma, soft glow, and comfort to the ambiance. There is a sense of divinity in details and strategically placed knick-knacks around the room subtly uplift the entire appearance of the living room.

Living room accessories have the power to hold the attention of guests. Make them feel welcomed and comfortable, and showcase the home-owner’s personality in certain terms. Little forethought and a bit of planning is the right way to dress-up any living room in style.