17 Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Is your master bedroom something that dreams are made of? If not, what follows are a few tips, tricks to transform your master bedroom into your favorite room of the house.

* Bedrooms need to be a peaceful retreat. For that reason, use serene neutral colors to soften a bedroom. Linens and tactile velvets can add plushness to a master bedroom, and if you’re really looking for a touch of southern charm, try to incorporate something that’s monogrammed.

* Make it open air. If you really want to make a bedroom seem larger than it actually is, try setting a piece of furniture (such as the bed) away from the wall, then add a screen behind it to give the illusion of a wall. This will give a more open air feeling to the room.

* Adding drama. Drama can be added to a master bedroom by incorporating black into the fabrics along with other colors. Then, to bring these elements out, add more black to accents that you put on the walls, such as pictures of black frames or curios on the tables that are primarily black in color.

* Bold patterns. If you want to really add a bold touch to a master bedroom create a stencil that will highlight a wall, then bring the same design and color into the fabrics and other elements of the room. Want to really add character to this design? Use solids on the headboard and things such as slipcovers to bring everything together.

* Use white. Keeping everything in a master bedroom cottage white will make everything peaceful. Add antiques that are also painted the same white to make a country look.

* Create a rustic vibe. If you really want your retreat to be different, why not try a rustic look? Do this by decorating sun-drenched window nooks, exposed beams, and cabin-inspired furniture. Floral-themed draperies will contrast the other elements nicely, making this master bedroom a retreat in and of itself.

* The gentleman’s oasis. Off-white colors and a tufted headboard with lots of sketches on the walls of an owner’s travels will make a unique bedroom that you can be proud of.

* Living green. Why not take some lessons in simple living from a Japanese garden? By using pieces that are antique or vintage, combined with some reclaimed wood, you will have a look that is reminiscent of a Zen garden. With this, throw in Bamboo mat on the floor to finish the touch.

* Simple living. If you really want to take things easy on your body, begin with your mind. Keep the master bedroom simple with a contemporary look that has a Southern charm. Creams and bold navy colors combine to make things a soothing and modern look to relax in.

If there’s anything that can be said about the modern day master bedroom, it’s the fact that anything goes. Whether it is colors, patterns, or just plain open space, when accompanied by the right accents, your master bedroom can be an oasis where you can’t wait to slip away to.

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