17 Pictures of Living Room Lighting Ideas

People always spend most of their time in the living rooms. It is also the room that visitors often see. That is the reason you need to make sure that the overall ambiance enhances the mood and warmth of the living room in the best possible manner. That is exactly where the importance of lighting arrangement comes in and it plays a very vital role in making your living room aesthetically appealing and functional as well. If you want to make your living room well-lit, you need to use three different types of lighting and they include general, task and accent lighting. They should be used at different times of the day and for different purposes and, the key to highly functional living room lighting scheme is to know how and when to mix and use them harmoniously. Here are 4 important tips on how to make your living room lighting scheme aesthetically appealing and highly functional:

1) Use dimmers

You must realize that the living room is also an entertainment area. At many occasions, you would enjoy watching a movie with your loved ones with the lights dimmed and that is why you need to add dimmers for your lights or purchase lights with dimmers. Most chandeliers come with dimmers and they can be described as a good option to enhance aesthetic appeal and functionality of your living room.

2) Never undermine the importance of task lighting

Many people play board games in the living room and they also prefer to have a chit chat while relaxing on the sofa. Other living room activities include reading a book, entertaining guests and many more. Task lighting becomes an inevitable aspect in such a situation and it is always advisable to use bright lights like bulbs and fluorescent lights to illuminate your living area in the best manner.

3) Place wall sconces properly

Wall sconces are lighting fixtures that are attached to the wall for support. They save a lot of space and you need to place them properly to create the desired effect in your living room. For example; you can fix wall sconces near the fireplace and these lighting fixtures always help you look and feel better in your living room.

4) Blend different lighting harmoniously

You need to mix different lighting in a harmonious manner to make your living room visually striking and functional as well. For example; you can place a table lamp on a corner table and a chandelier can be placed at the center. Spot lights for wall paintings are a good option as well as recessed lights used in the ceiling. The bottom line is that you must know to mix different lighting fixtures in a harmonious manner.  

A well-lit living room is a must for all homeowners. The purpose of living room lighting ideas cannot be confined to illumination only and they should be used for decoration as well. You can find a wide range of living room lighting ideas and based on your interior design, living room usage and budget, they must be utilized properly to achieve the desired effects.