17 Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

If you have a particularly small living room, including furniture and decor items become a problem. You don’t want the room cluttered and seem smaller than it is. However, with the right decorations, you can make the room seem larger and inviting. In addition, you can still add decor items and not compromise on space. Here are 5 small living room decorating ideas that will make your favorite area look great, homely and larger.

  1. Go bright or go bold

Colors can make a room lively or dull. With a small living room, you don’t have many options when it comes to the use of multiple colors for decor. Bright colors make a small room seem larger and livelier. If you choose to use them, stick to two or three bright colors with the lightest tone being prominent. Another excellent option is to go for bold colors. These add sophistication to a small room. Like with bright colors, stick to two or three colors. In addition, use colors with a glossy finish to ensure that the room doesn’t come out dull.

  1. Wall to wall light colored carpet

Small area rugs work particularly well in open spaces. However, if you have limited floor space, a light colored wall to wall carpet will work best. It helps to reflect some light into the room making it livelier. A wall to wall carpet also brings some uniformity to the furniture placed on the floor. As such, the whole room looks like one unit as opposed to separate items placed here and there.

  1. Ceiling hung curtains

Effective use of vertical space can make a small room seem higher. One way to do this is to hung your curtains higher than the windows. This creates an optical illusion where the eyes are drawn towards the ceiling rather than window level. Still on curtains, opt for bright colored fabric as opposed to dark colored ones. The light colored fabric allows more natural light in. It also reflects light into the room making it livelier.

  1. Mirrors to add depth

Mirrors are a great way of reflecting light into small rooms. However, if strategically placed, they can add the illusion of depth and sophistication making your small living room seem larger. When using mirrors as decor items, place them along one wall.

  1. Large and small pictures

One large picture placed prominently on one wall can draw focus and make the space seem larger. On the other hand, several smaller pictures placed on one wall can have the same effect. You can use both large and small pictures. However, to get the best effect, restrict them to one wall preferably above the couch or TV. In addition, place the pictures a bit higher to make the room look larger.

Decorating a small living room can be quite challenging given the limited space you have to work with. It means having to leave out some decor elements that would otherwise work well with large areas. However, with these ideas, you should be able to transform a small space to look larger and more inviting.