18 Beautiful Bedroom Wallpaper Designs

There is no other better way of decorating your bedroom walls than using wallpapers. There are many ways in which wallpaper can be used to change the ambiance of you bedroom completely. When carefully selected and properly applied, wallpaper becomes a great interior element of decoration. Here are some suggestions on how you can make this decoration style to work wonders for you.

The market today is flocked with numerous bedroom wallpaper patterns and designs. You should, therefore, choose one according to your personal style and the interior elements present in your bedroom. Wallpapers should always be placed in a vertical position. You can also decide to be a bit creative with hanging stripes in different directions and playing around with visuals to create a unique conversation piece for your friend and family. Flowered pattern wallpaper can be used for a more romantic look, and bold line patterns or geometrical patterns should be employed when in need of a more formal look.

Choose a flocked or textured wallpaper to give warmth and elegance to your bedroom. Big prints, colored stripes, and flocked patterns produce striking feature walls. If you are bold and adventurous, you can try to wallpaper furniture and get rid of the classic design. Do not be afraid of using bold wallpaper in small bedrooms. Cleverly selected prints can significantly open up enclosed spaces. Stripes make a big difference to small bedrooms as they give the illusion of increased height or width.

By wisely choosing colors, you can bring beauty and elegance to your bedroom. Floral pattern wallpapers with bold colors should be used in white colored bedrooms. You can also opt for contrasting colors as they will give your bedroom design a recurring look.

Another great way of incorporating wallpaper into bedroom decor is by choosing a feature wall. Through this, one can choose the best and most expensive pattern and print without spending a lot. If you only apply paper to the wall behind your bed you create a chic hotel look. Additionally, framing your bed with several strips of wallpaper will create a modern look for the traditional headboard.

Many people have come up with completely new ways of using wallpaper. For instance, some homeowners paper their bedroom ceilings and furniture to create a striking focal point. A plain chair or table can be changed into something special by applying brightly-colored wallpaper on them. Furthermore, you can make the most out of your storage spaces by using flocked wallpaper to line your shelves.

Many new ways of using bedroom wallpaper have come up. This type of decoration is no longer restricted to staid prints on four matching walls as it was in the past. The latest designs offer buyers so much more and are no longer created to be used on walls alone. If you are in search of ideas for decorating your bedroom, wallpaper may be the best solution for you.