18 Modern Bathroom Ideas


The bathroom is thought by many as the most essential or valuable room in any home, it is only natural to want to make it look great and cozy. Those seeking modern bathroom ideas will wish to strike a balance between making a sharp-looking space and making sure it does not feel too sterile. The main challenge is realizing the middle ground.

How do you install warmth into the bathroom while still having the benefit of stylistic contrasts? Modern bathroom ideas can be used in a majority of bathroom styles for a beautiful mid-century look. Modern design is generally said to have originated in the early 20th century.

A collection designers based in the Nordic countries of Europe started a design movement that was focused on effective aesthetically pleasing designs. Below are some of the design ideas which you can infuse in your bathroom for a classy yet attractive modern bathroom.

Go Monochromatic

One of the easiest ways to achieve a modern bathroom look is by largely sticking on to a monochromatic color scheme. This classic combination looks sophisticated and classy and it never goes out of style. You do not need to incorporate each shade of the monochromatic rainbow. It is very possible to put focus on creating a space which is ultra-clean and experiment with different hues of gray. Mix up the bathroom with a few different patterns and prints to keep the space from looking too one-note.

Choose furniture with clean lines

Modern interior design originated as a reaction to the ornate and also baroque styles which came before it. As such, this school of design’s main focus is to act as an antithesis of the other looks. Modern furniture relies on stark contrasts rather than lots of embellishments and details. Conventionally, picking furniture for modern spaces meant sticking within the Mission Styles, Shaker and the Art Deco. Recent bathroom furniture is hell bent on being simplistic and having a shape that is defined clearly.

Layer textures to add warmth

A lot of materials used in the modern bathroom designs have the tendency to become cold easily. It is necessary to incorporate a sense of comfort and warmth into the space. One of the easiest ways of achieving this is by layering textures that are different throughout the space. A bathroom luckily lends itself to many textures. Begin by anchoring the shower or tab with a mat or a plush rag. Ensure that the bathroom includes layers of soft towels. Top off the space with some spa accessories like fluffy robes to bring out a luxurious modern look.

Add natural materials

If it seems intense to incorporate a monochromatic look in your bathroom, adding natural materials such as stone, metal and wood can be an easier way to brighten up the room while adding lots of visual interests. You can incorporate a variety or choose one. Stone, metal and wood are the most common materials however other natural elements can be used to round out the bathroom design. Try to allow as much natural light as possible to get in.

When creating that modern bathroom the most important aspect is being able to achieve a balance. You seek a space that looks aesthetically striking but doesn’t seem too industrial that you can’t be comfortable. Use the above design ideas in your next project or if you wish to rebuild your bathroom for a welcoming and trendy bathroom.