19 Contemporary Living Room Ideas and Designs

Are you seriously considering redoing your contemporary living room? Well, the good news is that regardless of what your budget is. You can achieve the clean and sleek look of a contemporary interior design in your living room. All you need is to change a few things such as the accessories and wall art. A little paint can also do wonders to your living room; and do not have to be expensive. The following are some tips to give your room that contemporary style without breaking the bank:

An important factor when decorating your living room with a modern theme is wall treatments. With this design style the colors that you choose can make or break the overall look; go for shades of black and brown or sharp white and black shades. You may also try neutral color paint on your walls. Suede and leather wall covering can also offer a stylish look.

By incorporating decorative accessories and great wall art, you can be able to give even the plainest walls a nice look. Try to add simple abstract art or tribal masks to emphasize the modern feel of your contemporary theme.

Another important element you need to consider when pulling your contemporary look together is the decorative accessories. Ensure you get pillows and wall art that matches your preferred contemporary design style. Make sure the lines for accent pieces are clean and avoid a lot of clutter. It is also advisable to add simple floral arrangements and plain bowls with fruits.

To give your living room a polished decorative appeal you may consider making additional touches such as vintage art accessories or d├ęcor accessories. However, you should be careful not to go overboard because when it comes to contemporary looks, less is better.

What is on your floor will also add to your design style, however if your budget does not allow you to buy new flooring material, you can mask the present flooring using small rugs with modern designs such as a geometric print. But if your budget can allow you to buy new flooring, consider slate or bamboo floors. This look will go well with sleek-lined furniture featuring chrome accents.

Lighting is important in any room and your living room is no exception. In order to match your modern design style, you need to consider the lighting fixtures in terms of type and style. A combination of a recessed lighting and a table lamp can work well for majority of living rooms. As you try to incorporate the contemporary style, consider chrome ceiling fixture with recessed lighting and avoid anything that is fancy or scroll.

Giving your living room a contemporary look can be as trivial as simply purchasing new decorative accessories or as involved as replacing everything in the room. Therefore, regardless of your planned budget, it is possible to achieve the sleek modern look that will delight you, entire family and even your visitors. The above ideas on giving your living room a contemporary look will go a long way if followed keenly.