19 Formal Living Room Ideas

Historically, formal living areas have been reserved for fancy furniture and breakables. With musty rugs and Chippendale furniture, it leaves guests hesitant to even sit down. Not known for its inviting nature, the formal living room is often cast aside in favor of the more welcoming family room. But, formal living rooms don’t have to be stuffy. By simply revamping your formal living room, you can take the most underutilized room in your home and give it infinite potential. These tips will help you recreate your space, while changing the design and function.

Create A Focal Point

Every great room begins with a great focal point. Look around. What is your room’s best feature? Is it the fireplace, or the windows overlooking a beautiful yard? Do you have art you would like to emphasize, or a piano, perhaps? Anyone of these things can be used to draw the eye in and make your room look more appealing. After deciding the focal point, begin building your seating arrangement around it. Focal points are great conversation starters and add interest to a previously uninteresting room.

Bring In Color

Nothing is more uninviting then a dark, drab room. Gone are the traditional color palettes of yesteryear. Today, it’s all about the color. Bringing in color gives your formal living room its own personality, while showcasing your unique vision. Even if neutrals are more your style, a pop of color can change a room by making it more lively. Pillows, drapes, or lampshades can subtly add color without overwhelming the room. Consider artwork, in the style of your choosing, to bring in accent colors. Don’t be afraid to go bold. Formal living rooms can benefit tremendously from a little originality. By using color and showcasing your personal style, your formal living space will be more welcoming and warm.

Comfortable Seating

Rigid chair backs and heavy fabrics are not the most comfortable choices for seating. Uncomfortable seating is unwelcoming seating. With today’s designs, you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for comfort. Steer away from anything you wouldn’t want to relax on. The more comfortable you are in your formal living room, the more you will want to utilize the space. Find seating that fits your lifestyle and decorate around it.

Lighten And Brighten

Bringing light into your formal living room is essential to create the engaging atmosphere you desire. Adding lamps or eye-catching light fixtures is a great way to change or emphasize focal points. Lamps are great for reading, while gallery lighting can showcase artwork. Lightening up your formal living room helps to create a more inviting environment. Even hanging drapes in light fabrics to frame windows can brighten up a dark room and make a more airy feel.

By using these formal living room ideas, you can transform an unused space and make it the most welcoming room in your home. Simple changes can have a profound impact on the usability of the space. Make your formal living room your own personal haven, and a place guests will flock to for drinks and conversation.