20 Gorgeous Bathroom Shower Designs

In some Caribbean countries there is an unspoken law about a woman keeping a bathroom immaculately clean. That is, no matter how filthy her kitchen may be, her bathroom will determine what kind of person she is. Yes, I know, it does seem a bit unfair, who wants to be judged based on the cleanliness of their bathroom? Today, many interior designers and home makers are taking things a step further. Why settle for simple, and slaving away at a dull, boring bathroom setting, when you can create a beautiful bathroom shower designs. The idea of having brightly colored scented candles in a luxurious bathroom design, would bring a sudden smile to any homemakers face.

If you want to give a dull bathroom a classy and elegant setting, then you would first need to start with a theme. What color or colors do you intend to use or blend together. The design of your luxury bathroom of course would be based on the budget you’re working with. A simple designed can emanate a luxurious bathroom the same way an expensively designed one can. After you have gotten your color scheme, consider changing the curtains or adding brightly colored stylish ones. If you have a glass door then maybe a porcelain countertop sink will work.

It’s the bathroom! So you can’t talk luxury and style without adding a few aromatics into the medley. Lavender oils are great scents to have in your bathroom along with scented soaps or slowly burning incense. A vase of fresh flowers that blend in well with your color scheme will bring a soft feel to your bathroom. For your shower, try investing in a shower head that has extra features and is stylish. Don’t think that just because it’s your bathroom you can’t go with a gold theme.

A unique idea for your bathroom walls would be to use a floral design wallpaper. When building your shower area, think about using granite or terrazzo. Dark colored tiles can disguise mold and mildew but if you prefer a lighter color, choose a patterned set of tiles for your luxury shower design. A jacuzzi stacked right in the middle of your bathroom with a shower head directly over it, would create a rich ambiance if gold and bronze were the theme.

In conclusion, the way in which you chose to design your luxury bathroom and shower area, is also determined by the residents in your home. Whether you are living single, have roommates, or a family of five with young children. Will this be your only bathroom in the house and if not can you only afford to luxuriously design one and not the other? All very pertinent questions. You can always go online and get inspired with a variety of ideas for fabricating a luxurious bathroom shower design. At the end of the day, you have to live with whatever decision you make. So go with your own style and don’t hesitate to put your personality into decorating your own bathroom shower design.

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