21 Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Having a small-sized bathroom can be challenging, especially if you are trying to make almost everything fit within that super small space. Among the challenges you could face include configuring the sink and toilet, providing enough clearance for a shower, as well as planning where to place the towels and toilet paper. Regardless of the challenges, it would still be a lot better to just squeeze in an extra bathroom even though it must be small in size. If your bathroom has very little space and you need some small bathroom design ideas to make it work, then here are some tips which you might want to consider:

  1. Add mirrors and try to expand them

Adding a mirror on the wall could actually double the look and feel of any small bathroom. In most cases, this is very effective above a vanity or along the side of a narrow bathroom space. Apart from making your small bathroom look more spacious, mirrors also reflect light effectively, thus providing you with more lighting from your windows or fixtures. As much as possible, having your mirror stretch all across the wall allows two people to use it at the same time. Always consider that in less-than-ideal space conditions, every single inch could help.

  1. Install a pocket door

Perhaps one of the biggest space saving small bathroom design ideas is the addition of a pocket door. To install a pocket door to your small-sized bathroom, you will need to open the wall in order to create a pocket. The good thing about this is that you could gain up to as much as 9 square feet of additional useable space which you don’t have before. This allows you for more flexibility when placing your fixtures as well.

  1. Remove the tub

A bathroom tub basically takes up almost twice the amount of floor space compared to showers. If you want to save up space on your small bathroom, then removing the tub is an excellent idea. Go for a shower instead, considering that it is great for adults as well as guests, especially older ones. However, if you have some small kids and you need the tub for bathing them, then you might want to consider a low profile tub. Compared to a normal tub, a low profile tub allows you to get in and out of the bathroom a lot easier, not to mention that it will also make your room feel more open.

  1. Consider installing cabinets and open shelves on the walls

In most cases, storage is sacrificed when talking about a small bathroom space. While there might no longer be any space available on the bathroom floor, you still have the walls to use. Consider using recessed medicine cabinets which have mirrored fronts installed above your sink. Also try to add shelving on the wall located just above the toilet, or at the end of your tub. For cabinets, try looking for ones which have glass fronts. Don’t forget the back of your door for installing robe hooks or towel bars.

Having a small bathroom doesn’t mean that your creativity and knack for design has to stop. There are in fact countless small bathroom design ideas which you can use, and the ones mentioned above are just a few of them.