4 of the Best Bedroom Themes

After a hard day’s work, it is your bedroom that serves as your spa where you can relax, rejuvenate and be ready for the next day. If your bedroom does not serve this purpose, then it’s time for you to redecorate it so you can get a good night’s sleep. Here are some bedroom themes that might interest you.


This theme usually stresses on the functionality of the bedroom. Everything that is used for the design should have a purpose and should fulfill that purpose. All the essentials that you use in this theme should work and not be excessive. You should choose neutral colors like whites, grays and browns as your base. These colors reflect a certain freshness and cleanliness to the surroundings. The room should be designed to be clutter free. So choose furniture that can hold all your essentials in one place. If your bedroom has windows of any size, you should utilize the natural lighting that it can offer in order to create an organic atmosphere. The main point to note is not to go overboard with colors and furniture, but to create a room that is functional and modern.


Colors introduce personalities wherever they are used. So which color you want to use, depends on which personality trait you want your bedroom to reflect. If you need the bedroom to be a cool space, you can use blue or an earthy green. If you want a soothing atmosphere, you can use neutral colors. For a vibrant or a warm atmosphere, bright colors like orange, yellow or red will suffice. Unique colors like eclectic green can bring a modern look to the bedroom. You can combine the wall colors with the right combinations of pillows, accessories, bedding, furniture and floor to achieve the ideal atmosphere you want.


This theme will want you to be adventurous in every aspect of the decoration, from colors to bedding furniture. The bedding should be of high quality and should reflect elegance and luxury. Simple colored ones with the highest thread count that can fit your budget should be your choice. You can use items like mirrors, headboards and chandeliers in the room to reinforce the theme. You can also incorporate bright and rich colors to bring the fun aspect to the room. However, if you include one neutral color in a simple two-hue-color scheme you will reflect elegance.


You always associate summer to bright skies. So how do you make your bedroom reflect this feeling? If your bedroom is small, painting it with fresh white will bring in a feeling of space. The white will also bring out the vivacity of the summer season. You should use the windows to bring in natural light into the room. If you have dark furniture, you should consider painting your floors white so a beautiful contrast is brought about in the room. Using floral motifs in walls, bedding and pillows will also help you to enhance the summer atmosphere. You can get great results if you mix the summer theme with other bedroom themes like the nautical theme.

These bedroom themes will allow your bedroom to reflect your well-being and complement your mood. With all these themes, you can convert your bedroom from a slumber zone to a dream zone. An oasis you can retreat to and relax from the chaos of the day.